Hurricane Isaac Preparations

August 28, 2012 - 1:47pm


With hurricane Issac approaching Louisiana our clients are likely to be experiencing electricity and communication failures. If your system goes pro-longed without primary AC power it may behave erraticly as it's back up battery runs out of stored power. Should you need to shut down your system for any reason simply remove the battery until the primary power comes back on. Bare in mind that your system will not be activly communicating at this point but atleast it will not be making noise to add to your discomfort. For those who choose to power their system down, whenever the AC power is restored to your facility reconnect the battery carefully observing polarity. If you are uncomfortable with any of these tasks or your system is out of your safe reach please contact our main line at 225-292-1212 to reach our on-call service personnel. Longer than usual wait times may be experienced during the storm and the 24 hours afterwards due to call volume. We appreciate your understanding on this matter.